Day 22 to Day 28

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MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Day 22

Day 22 | Kung Fu Basics

  • Introduction 1:04
  • Warm Up 11:21
  • Basics Class 32:21

In this class you will learn Front Sweep and one Movement Combination: MaBu GongBu Punch Kick.

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Forms Day 23

Day 23 | Kung Fu Forms

  • Introduction 0:49
  • Warm Up 12:05
  • Forms Class 35:15

In this class you will finish learning the complete Shaolin Kung Fu Five Steps Form on the right side and left side.

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Day 24

Day 24 | Kung Fu Basics

  • Introduction 1:41
  • Warm Up 10:47
  • Basics Class 32:11

In this class you will learn three Movement Combinations: PuBu GongBu Punch, MaBu XieBu Punch and GongBu Block & Uppercut in four directions.

MAT QiGong and Meditation Day 25

Day 25 | QiGong - Meditation

  • Introduction 1:06
  • QiGong - Meditation Class 27:32

In this class you are going to practice Dynamic QiGong, Standing QiGong and Meditation.

MAT Conditioning Day 26

Day 26 | Conditioning

  • Introduction 1:30
  • Conditioning Class 31:12

In this Conditioning class, Wei Shifu will continue teaching you how to condition your body in the Shaolin Kung Fu way.

Movie Time

Day 27 & 28 | Movie Time

  • Movie Recommendation
  • Kung Fu Motivation

Movie recommendation to inspire your further training.


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