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Master Wei or Wei Shifu Shaolin Kung Fu Monk

Meet Your Master | Wei Shifu

  • Wei Shifu Kung Fu Journey 5:36

In this video, you will learn how Master Wei become a 34th generation Shaolin Warrior monk and why it's such an honor to train with him.

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Martial Arts Customs

Welcome | Martial Arts Customs

  • Welcome 7:56

Here is a warm WELCOME from Wei Shifu. In this video, Shifu talks about Kung Fu training and what you gonna learn in this course. He will also explain how to start and end the class in a respectful, traditional Shaolin way.

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Day 1

Day 1 | Kung Fu Basics

  • Introduction 3:58
  • Warm Up 8:05
  • Basics Class 45:07

In this class you will learn: 2 Shaolin Kung Fu hand shapes, 2 Shaolin Kung Fu stances, 1 Movement combination and 1 High kick.

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Day 2

Day 2 | Kung Fu Basics

  • Introduction 0:47
  • Warm Up 7:44
  • Basics Class 37:50

In this class you will learn: 2 Low kicks, 1 Shaolin Kung Fu Stance and 2 High Kicks.

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Day 3

Day 3 | Kung Fu Basics

  • Introduction 1:17
  • Warm Up 14:15
  • Basics Class 28:18

In this class you will learn: Punch Kick, Push Kick, Arm Circles/ Shoulder Relaxation and Side Kick.

MAT Power Training Day 4

Day 4 | Power Training

  • Introduction 3:58
  • Warm Up 9:16
  • Power Training Class 30:45

In this Power Training class, Wei Shifu will make you sweat with endurance and strengthening exercises.

MAT Power Stretching Day 5

Day 5 | Power Stretching

  • Introduction 8:09
  • Warm Up 7:52
  • Power Stretching Class 38:47

In this Power Stretching class, Wei Shifu will teach you how to stretch in the Shaolin Kung Fu way.

Movie Time

Day 6 & 7 | Movie Time

  • Movie Recommendation
  • Kung Fu Motivation

Movie recommendation to inspire your further training.


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