Day 15 to Day 21

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MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Day 15

Day 15 | Kung Fu Basics

  • Introduction 0:52
  • Warm Up 8:48
  • Basics Class 29:19

In this class you will learn Jump Kick and the Movement Combination: Snap Kick with Jump Kick

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Forms Day 16

Day 16 | Kung Fu Forms

  • Introduction 0:50
  • Warm Up 10:59
  • Forms Class 29:13

In this class you will finish learning the Shaolin Kung Fu Five Steps Form on the left side.

MAT Shaolin Kung Fu Basics Program Day 17

Day 17 | Kung Fu Basics

  • Introduction 1:11
  • Warm Up 10:13
  • Basics Class 33:47

In this class you will learn 3 Movement Combinations: Hook Leg MaBu Punch, Oolong Panda/Arms Circles to PuBu and GongBu Block & Uppercut 

MAT Power Training Day 18

Day 18 | Power Training

  • Introduction 3:58
  • Warm Up 9:16
  • Power Training Class 30:45

In this Power Training class, Wei Shifu will make you sweat with 4 rounds of exercises that include squats, kicks, different kinds of push-ups, abs and back exercises.

MAT Power Stretching Day 19

Day 19 | Power Stretching

  • Introduction 1:19
  • Warm Up 11:25
  • Power Stretching Class 41:19

In this Power Stretching class, Wei Shifu will stretch with you in the Shaolin Kung Fu way to help you improve flexibility and increase high kicks.

Movie Time

Day 20 & 21 | Movie Time

  • Movie Recommendation
  • Kung Fu Motivation

Movie recommendation to inspire your further training.


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